Meet the Experts and the Netherlands Game Award


Bader Young Entrepreneurs Program and IDAL (Investment Development Authority in Lebanon) hosted a 4-hour event on everything you need to know on setting up a business. The event included an exhibition space where the steps of setting up a business in Lebanon were portrayed using descriptive infographics. Our very own Reine Abbas was there to talk to attendees about the process and her own experiences in helping to create Wixel Studios.

Our founding partners were spearheaded to judge the contestants of this year’s Netherland’s Game Awards in collaboration with Bader Young Entrepreneurs. Reinne, Ziad and Karim were chosen to study and analyze the participants’ games and judge a winner by the end of the 1 year deadline. Through the process the participants joined 3 ‘Master’ classes that aimed to educate them on game design and what it takes to create a good game and a good gaming business. The winning entry was Erebus created by Majd Akar and Husni Auji.


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