Wixel Studios is an independent gaming company based in Kaslik, Lebanon. Established in 2008, Wixel started developing  fun and innovative video games based on original local and international intellectual property.

The talented and passionate individuals that make up the core of the company are headed by the founding partners, Reine Abbas, Karim Abi Saleh, and Ziad Feghali.

Wixel Studios strives to be at the top of its game when it comes to Arabic content delivery. Always endeavoring for the best, Wixel Studios hopes to be a shining beacon that inspires and supports local and regional talent.

Meet the team

WIXEL, President

A weird Mediterranean pixel, the source and origin where everything began.


ZIAD FEGHALI, Co-founder – Partner – CEO

Our fearless leader, he is usually found in the kitchen cooking up some new delectable delights to treat us with.


REINE ABBAS, Co-founder – Partner – Head of Art Department

Our enigmatic and vivacious head of the art department. Reine is ever inspiring and challenging her minions to better themselves and achieve new heights with their art.


KARIM ABI SALEH, Co-founder – Partner – Head of Programming

Standing at 1.92 cm, Karim stands head and shoulders above anybody else in the programming department. 


PAUL ATME, Senior Designer 

A manic depressive sociopath. He is usually found in dark corners playing with tiny mammals.


RALPH ABOU RAAD, Senior Artist

An unruly character, he prefers to spend his time trying to make people believe he knows what he’s doing. Yet little is known about what makes this enigma tick.


CHARLES DACCACHE, Senior Developer

One thing to know about Charles, his code never fails. It is the impregnable glue that keeps our games in tip top shape.


JOYCE FEGHALI, Office Coordinator

Punctual and obsessed with details, these assets help our office coordinator keep us all comfortable and smiling.



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